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Sustainable Tourism

We believe in building for the future and promoting sustainable tourism. Through our partnerships and initiatives, we work towards protecting the future of our environment and our community.

One Tree Planted


We have partnered with One Tree Planted and committed to doing our part to restore the forests and create habitats for biodiversity.

For every guest that joins us on a tour, we will be donating to One Tree Planted to plant one tree.

1 guest = 1 tree planted

It's as simple as that!

Trees help clean the air we breathe, capture and filter water, provide homes to wildlife, provide jobs, promote health and help combat climate change.


For more information or donating directly, visit 


Local Initiatives

For every kronor we donate towards planting tree with One Tree Planted, we will match to provide funding for local associations in the Vidsel area. 

Throughout the year we will select a different association to sponsor. This can be the Vidsel free school, economic association, snowmobile club, Vidsel's heart or providing funding for local projects within our community.



We have partnered with Moonbikes to be the first in Scandinavia to be able to offer rides on the world's first 100% electric snow bike.

We hope to be able to offer some environmentally friendly options for Winter motor sports.

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