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Where to Stay


Welcome to Vidsel!

A great base for your holiday adventures.


Vidsel is a beautiful little village resting along the Pite River.

Here there are around 500 inhabitants, creating a wonderful community feeling.

Vidsel is conveniently located just over 5km to the base of the mighty Storforsen - Europe's largest unregulated rapids. 

In the town there is a general store, a pizzeria, a garage and a self pump petrol station.

In Summer there is a sandy beach, volleyball court, swimming area and grill places just a couple of minutes walk from the town center along with many walking tracks to enjoy.

In Winter there is a small ice skating rink, cross country skiing tracks and many snowmobile tracks to explore.


Vidsel is approximately 30 minute drive from Älvsbyn, 1 hour drive from Luleå and 1 hour 15 minute drive to Jokkmokk. 



Lagomhuset - "The Lagom House"

Swedish "Lagom" is one of those special words that doesn't translate directly into English but we feel it is an important word to know - especially for your holiday! 

Lagom is more than a word, it is a feeling or sense of being. Lagom can be understood as not too much, not too little, but just right - a feeling of balance. What is "lagom" for one person may be completely different for the next. The temperature of your morning coffee can be "lagom", the cosiness you feel wrapped up by the fire at night can give you a feeling of "lagom", the pace of your day can be "lagom", the taste of your "fikabröd" can be "lagom", sitting around the fire with friends can be "lagom". 


Your holiday in Swedish Lapland can be "lagom".

This is the feeling that we hope to help you achieve when you stay with us.

Lagomhuset is a very comfortable, traditional Swedish house and has all of the amenities required for a wonderful stay, including an indoor sauna. Up to 6 guests can stay in Lagomhuset which consists of 2 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, 1 single sleeping area, a fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher, a large open plan living room / dining area with fireplace and TV, 2 bathrooms and showers, a bathtub, indoor sauna, laundry room with washer and dryer, covered front porch, garden with grill place and parking in the garage. There is unlimited WiFi access and smart TV with Netflix for those cosy movie nights by the fireplace. The back door opens up directly onto the cross country ski trails in Winter and beautiful walking trails in the Summer. The sounds of the Pansikån rapids can be heard while sitting outside by the fire pit.

Bookings and more information can be found on Airbnb by visiting this web address ( or clicking the button below.

Other Holiday Homes

2.2 Villa Majringen 2.jpg
Villa Mia aussen (4).jpg

We are very happy to partner with Sven and Sandra at SvU-SanU Fritidshus & Friluftsliv for local accommodation needs. They have a great selection of holiday homes located in the center Vidsel perfect for individuals or groups. Nature tours and rental equipment just 5 minutes from the houses.

For more information and bookings go to or follow the link below.


If you prefer to stay in a hotel. Storforsen Hotell is located just 5km from Vidsel right at the base of Storforsen or the Polar Hotel located in nearby Älvsbyn.

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