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winter Tours

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From speeding across the snow of a Winter Wonderland to ice fishing on a frozen lake, however you wish to spend your holiday, let us help you explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

All tours are private to your group and fully customizable.


Want to add an extra hour to your trip or combine it with another tour? Maybe you're celebrating and would like something special waiting for you at a rest stop? Just let us know beforehand and we will do our best to help you create the perfect tour.

Transportation is provided for groups of 6 or less. Transportation not currently provided during ongoing Covid pandemic - see health and safety policy link at the foot of the page for more info.

Please send enquiry form for any special requests.

snowshoe Tours
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Immerse yourself in nature as you snowshoe across the frozen landscapes of Swedish Lapland. Take in stunning views from one of Älvsbyn's local peaks or walk across the frozen waters of a mountain lake and enjoy some coffee prepared the Swedish way. Keep an eye out for the capercaillie ("Tjäder") hiding in the trees, and maybe, if we're lucky, we can even catch a glimpse of moose and reindeer. 

Duration: 2.5 hour or 4.5 hour (half day).

Times are not exact and can fluctuate depending on weather and group fitness. Expect times to be within ± 1 hour. Does not include travel time.

Availability: December to April (depending on snow conditions)

Difficulty: This can be adjusted based on participant ability but a moderate level of fitness is required for the longer hikes.

What's Included:  Snowshoes, Non alcoholic drinks, Swedish "fika".

What's not included: Warm clothing, hiking boots, water bottles

Maximum Participants: 8 people, transportation provided for 4


2.5 hour - 800 SEK per person

4.5 hour - 1.450 SEK per person

Children 12 and under 30% discount

Premium meal option +285 SEK per person

Reindeer cooked over an open fire with other

local foods including Sami glow bread and

lingonberry jam. Allow for an extra hour or so tour time.

Minimum 2 people

We love the half day and often see reindeer on the way to the mountain!
Snowmobile Tour
Please read the GOOD TO KNOW page before booking a snowmobile tour

Experience the rush as you zip across the snow on a guided snowmobile tour. Before heading out we will go over all of the safety information and our planned route. The route will be decided on the day by your guide and will depend on weather / trail conditions. Whichever route we take, there will be plenty of fun to be had as you cruise through the snowy landscape. There will be a planned stop to warm up with some coffee / hot chocolate.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours, including stoppage time.

Availability: Depending on snow and weather conditions, usually from December to April. Tours will generally not go if the temperature is below -25. If you still wish to go during colder temperatures, we can discuss options (shorter tour, slower speeds, more stops etc.) Prices will vary.

Difficulty/requirements: Easy. Drivers must be 18 years or older and hold a valid driving license. Minimum age 12 for passengers.

What's Included: Snowmobile, winter overalls, boots, gloves, helmet, safety briefing, Swedish "fika"

What's not included: Warm clothes (to be worn under your overalls), We recommend 2-3 layers, wool socks  and gloves, neck warmer / Buff and thin cap, water bottle. We have base layer socks / gloves / and Buffs for purchase on site.

Maximum Participants: 8 people (4 drivers, 4 passengers) Enquire for larger bookings


2.650 SEK per driver

+600 SEK per passenger

Premium meal option +285 SEK per person

Reindeer cooked over an open fire with other

local foods including Sami glow bread and

lingonberry jam. Allow for an extra hour tour time.

Half Day / Full Day Trips

Experience the power of the mighty Storforsen. This half day trip offer a unique experience and allows you to get up close and feel the power of nature.  All tours include some hiking and fika by the fire. On day trips, time is set aside to explore on your own or relax and take in the surroundings.

Storforsen - Just 5km from Vidsel, this is a must do for all visitors! In the Winter the rapids slow but never freeze and amazing designs are carved into the ice, the entire area transforms into a Winter Wonderland. 

Approximate Duration: Storforsen - 2-4 hours

Availability: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Year round

Difficulty: Storforsen - Easy

What's Included: Snowshoe equipment (if necessary), non alcoholic drinks, Swedish "fika"

What's not included: Warm clothes, boots, water bottle, transfer from your accommodation

Maximum Participants: 8 people


Storforsen - 600 SEK

Children 12 and under 30% discount

Premium meal option +285 SEK per person

Reindeer cooked over an open fire with other

local foods including Sami glow bread and

lingonberry jam. Allow for an extra hour tour time.

Storforsen slows down in the winter but never fully freezes!
ice fishing
Reindeer skins keep you nice and warm on the ice

Head out to one of our favourite fishing spots and try your luck at catching some arctic char. Swedish Lapland is covered with many beautiful bodies of water that are frozen for half of the year. No experience required, your guide will help you with everything from drilling your fishing hole to preparing your fish. We will also take a break for some Swedish "fika" by the fire while we enjoy the calming surroundings. The lakes are roughly 45 minute drive from Vidsel. There is no guarantee that fish will be caught.

Duration: 3 hours

Availability: February - April (depending on ice conditions)

Difficulty: Easy

What's Included: Fishing equipment, snowshoe equipment (if necessary), day fishing license, Swedish "fika"

What's not included: Warm clothing, alcoholic beverages, transfer from your accommodation

Maximum Participants: 6 people


3 hour - 850 SEK per person

Children 12 and under 30% discount

Premium meal option +285 SEK per person

Reindeer cooked over an open fire with other

local foods including Sami glow bread and

lingonberry jam. Allow for an extra hour tour time.

Northern Lights

Experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights. Join us as we head into the wilderness to witness this incredible natural phenomenon. If the solar rays are powerful enough on a clear night you will be amazed as the sky transforms into waving curtains of green, blue, pink and purple. This tour is extremely weather dependent. Lights can be seen in the evenings between September - April. Depending on the strength we may need to drive until we find a good location.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours, depending on strength of the solar rays and locations

Availability: Very dependent on weather conditions. Northern Lights can be seen from September to April. Send an enquiry form to check availability for your dates.

Difficulty/requirements: Easy

What's Included: Snowshoes (if necessary), warm drinks

What's not included: Warm clothes, warm boots, camera equipment, transportation

Maximum Participants: 6 people


1.200 SEK per person

+200 per person for flexible booking (send the dates you are visiting for a we will track the lights and go on the best evening)

Children 12 and under 30% discount

We recommend you book with the flexible option so you have the best chance to see the lights!
dog sledding

To book a dog sledding tour, use the Contact Us button below and fill out the booking enquiry form.

Through our partnership with Svedjekojan, we offer special designed Dogsled Tours, where you either can ride in a sled or run your own team of dogs. This gives you a unique chance for an up close encounter with this very special and magic nature. Sled over ice covered lakes and through the wild forest as you experience this ancient way to travel on ice and snow. With highly skilled guides and well-trained friendly dogs – Alaskan Huskies – we provide a high quality and unforgettable nature-experience. We tailor our tours for all kind of groups, large or small. 

Duration: 1 or 2 hour

Availability: Daily throughout Winter, enquire for availability for your dates

Difficulty: Easy for riding or driving. All instructions are clearly explained before departing on the tour.

What's Included: Sled and dog team, meet the dogs, stop for hot drink (2 hour tour) 

What's not included: Warm clothes, warm boots, transfer from your accommodation

Maximum Participants: 16 people


1 hour - 950SEK per person

2 hour - 1.500SEK per person

Children 2 - 12 50% discount, not suitable for children under 2

Run your own team -

+200SEK (2 person per sled)

+500SEK (1 person per sled)

Must be 18+ to run your own team.

Add lunch in the cozy wooden hut for +245SEK

Dog Sledding takes place roughly 1 hour drive from Vidsel.

This is not a private tour, it may be that others join your group.

Lead your own dog team! 

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contact us and we will do our best to help!

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

All tours meet at Thorsen Lodge (address and map on the Contact page) where we try on equipment and discuss the day. The destination of the tour will be decided by your guide based on weather and participant abilities. There are many different locations and environments to explore so there is always something for everyone to enjoy!

Summer tours generally run from May - September but are dependant on conditions.

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